Known for his innovative fresh delivery of music, his ability to satisfy any type of crowd thrown at him, Dj Elixar sure knows how to arouse your inhibitions, lift up your spirits and keep you dancing till the break of dawn.

With Over 10 years Experence in the industry As soon as he hits the decks, you’ve
guaranteed yourself a quality night
with an electrifying ambiance. Dj Elixar never fails to create an invigorating
experience that helps release your tensions, leave your stresses at home and
dance the weekly dooms and glooms away.
Dj Elixar has perfected his skills
and showcased his undeniable talent and expertise through the likes of Runway
Model Shows 2RDJ RADIO as well as countless House Party's, 21sts and 18ths,
Weddings, and
corporate events. You may have been fortunate enough to hear *DJ ELIXAR* rocking
out in VARIOUS clubs/pubs Such as Cargo Bar, Le panic(kings Cross), Hillside
Taven,The Eastern (bondi)
Fusion @ Burdikin Hotel,Full moon Partys (koh Phanang Thailand) And various Events


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