Music Festivals
A music festival is a festival oriented towards music that is sometimes presented with a theme such as musical genre, nationality or locality of musicians, or holiday. They are commonly held outdoors, and are often inclusive of other attractions such as food and merchandise vending machines, performance art, and social activities. The Pythian Games at Delphi included musical performances, and may be one of the earliest festivals known.[1] During the Middle Ages festivals were often held as competitions.

Many festivals are annual, or repeat at some other interval. Some, including many rock festivals, are held only once. Some festivals are organized as for-profit concerts and others are benefits for a specific cause.

BAM Radio loves a good music festival.

Every year we see and support our artists across Australia and the World.

Date Title Venue City
26.11.2011 Stereosonic Sydney Sydney Showground Sydney Olympic Park
27.11.2011 Stereosonic Perth Claremont Showground Claremont
03.12.2011 Stereosonic Melbourne Showgrounds Ascot Vale
03.12.2011 Stereosonic Adelaide Bonython Park -
04.12.2011 Stereosonic Brisbane RNA Showgrounds Brisbane

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