For the past 3 years, Douglas Brennan, aka. Dougstar has grown to be versatile and is now looking like one of Brisbane’s top DJ’s. His passion has driven him to pursue greatness and big things are sure to come.

Dougstar’s various DJ’ing duties has seen him gather various skills that are vital to succeed in the entertainment industry. From Dj’ing in various pubs, clubs and competitions in Queensland over the years, Dougstar has rocked each venue playing music suited to the crowds needs. This has opened up windows of opportunity to playing his own blend of trance & progressive to his ever-growing fan base.

Since early 2009, Doug has provided his fan base with the monthly ‘This Is Trance’ mixes which are readily available from his website These mixes can be heard on internet radio shows such as ‘Taste of Trance’ on the BAM radio network.

In the current year alone, the demand for Dougstar has seen him play to crowds with participants in the thousands. February 2011 saw Dougstar compete against 15 other Brisbane DJ’s in the Cleveland Sands DJ Shootout and took home first prize.

A versatile musician, throughout his schooling he played trumpet and trombone and was involved in all the college bands. His real passion lied in composition, choosing to study Music and Music Extension, majoring in electronic composition. Achieving excellence in both subjects led Doug to pursue further education. Doug is currently studying Sound Production at SAE Institute and wishes to produce his own tracks in the coming years.

Dougstar is definitely a DJ to look out for. He is set for greatness and is continuing to wow crowds with his skill set and distinct style. He is definitely one to show what Queensland has to offer.
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