No Pants Train Ride 2014 Brisbane

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WARNING: This is only for people who love a laugh, like having a bit of fun, and don't take themselves too seriously! :D

Do you have a few hours free on Sunday 12th January 2014*, and, like us, think pants are over-rated and should be hidden away like the annoying thing they are? Do you like the idea of catching a train without pants along with a bunch of others just for the sake of it? Think it'd be cool to give unsuspecting commuters something random to laugh at and talk about?


Not in Brisbane? Our buddies in other states aren't shy either.
Links to the other cities, around Australia and internationally will be posted up soon.

Read more information, other international locations, what you need, what to do, and other stuff about it at the link below. There's even some video of previous years from other locations around the world.... http://

The No Pants Subway Ride is an annual global event started by Improv Everywhere in New York in 2002, and this will be the 13th successful year they've done it! This will be our 5th year in Brisbane, so get on board!

Check Improv Everywhere's website at http://! These guys do some hillarious other stuff as well, so check them out!

Also become a fan of the Brisbane No Pants Subway Ride here and see previous years photos:

Media Enquiries, please email ozclubbers ozclubbers (dot) com

* DATE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE - This is an approximate date based on previous years. Improv Everywhere have yet to announce the official world-wide date, but we think it will be on the 12th January.

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