Rush is the culmination of energetic and popular dance music genres around Australia with special focus on breaking down the barriers of the club events as we know them.

The aim? To rewire them, mix them up and to put a new face and feel on the experiences that we've all enjoyed in the past in an effort to bring something fresh to the dance music scene.

Rush strives to help cross pollinate trance-friendly dance music genres by introducing them into the trance scene, exposing fans to new music, educating those who are open and eager to DJing and production and to help create a dance music experience unlike anything else in Melbourne.

Rush encompasses the vibe that any good house party brings with it. Close friends, familiarity, togetherness, excitement and above all; fun. Hosting the best Melbourne DJ's in house, progressive, techno and trance, Rush endeavours to bring the best out of everybody, both behind the music internationally and locally, as well as the best in crowds and atmosphere.

The objective for Rush is to create a place for great people who love fantastic music to come together and escape... to live for the moment. Rush will not pretend to be something it's not but rather will push what it knows it is, by promoting positivity and showcasing the best and most talented local DJ's Melbourne has to offer to venues and spaces across the city. Rush will proudly host up and coming international artists to an eager, excited and positive crowd and establish a constant peace, love, unity and respect for one another.

Rush is made by dance music fans, for dance music fans and the aim for every event is to leave smiles on faces and memories that are talked about for months and years to come.

Rush is a trance night out.
Rush is a techno night out.
Rush is a house night out.
Rush is a progressive night out.
Rush doesn't discriminate.
Rush doesn't pretend.
Rush lives and loves.
Rush brings the noise.
Rush doesn't restrict.
Rush is anything it wants to be.
Rush is anything you want it to be.
Rush experiences.
Rush experiments.
Rush is for you.
Rush is for me.
Rush is here.

...and it's not just here for it's good looks

Rush Productions & Events

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