Taste of Trance is an Aussie trance guestmix show primarily for up-and-coming DJ talent. Hosted by Doughnut, whose proudest moment was winning the 2008 best Jesus pose competition (he also won 2008 worst DJ name), always thought self-promotion as a DJ was a good idea, but was just too lazy to do it. It was always much easier to invite other DJs on the show and let them do all the work. So now as Taste of Trance gets closer to 100 epic-sodes, that approach appears to have worked a dead-set treat!

Taste of TranceSome of the DJs to have appeared on Taste of Trance include:
Scott Richardson
Angus Gibbins
Dakova Dae
Nathan Cryptic
Alex Panik
Ahmet Atasever
Steve Strangis
Jared Asher
Jackson & Perry
Doughnut (it's my show dammit! ;)

Many of these kids have gone on to produce their very own shows on BAM Radio. Cool huh?

Even some of your smaller international names have appeared on Taste of Trance. Aly & Fila? Eddie Halliwell? Never heard of them? Not surprising really...

However, Taste of Trance has its roots in up-cand-coming Aussie trance talent, and that's where it will stay. Until such time as Doughnut pulls his finger out and decides to take the trance world by storm with his epic Jesus pose (and change his DJ name), he is in the meantime very happy to keep writing about himself in the 3rd-person, and sit lazily behind the microphone making bad dad jokes and saying...

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