Adrian Lawrence AKA The Grey Wolf - Bio

Born in New York City and surrounded by Music.

Style: 3G – Groovy, Grindy, Gritty House

Born and raised on the Upper East Side of Manhattan New York City in the early 70’s, Adrian was exposed to a diverse mix of musical genres ranging from Classical to Hip Hop. Having been rocked to sleep by the likes of Beethoven & Mozart, to this day he still appreciates the soothing sounds of Classical music. He was witness to the very beginning of Old School East Coast Hip Hop and drew influence from artists such as Grandmaster Flash and the Rock Steady Crew. Whilst walking the Streets of New York, he saw the birth of the very first Electric Boogaloo Crew and early Break Dancing. These new, fresh Rap & Hip Hop artists left their mark on Adrian and like them he strives to produce and play an original sound in his chosen musical genre he calls – 3G – Groovy, Grindy , Gritty House.

He migrated to Australia in the late 80’s and experienced the beginning of the Sydney underground Rave scene in the early 90’s. Here he witnessed the birth of Jungle Hardcore Techno and the very early sounds of the Prodigy followed by House and Progressive at some of Sydney’s first clubs. The pinnacle influence to Adrian’s love of House music was seeing Sasha play for the very first time on a Harbour cruise in 1993. He packed his bags for London and experienced a revolution of clubbing whilst frequenting clubs such as the Ministry of Sound, Gatecrasher, Renaissance and Cream.

Upon his return from a 2 year stint in the UK in the late 90’s, Adrian or as he is known in Sydney – The Grey Wolf, landed a residency for the popular ‘Deviant’ and Illusion Parties. Playing alongside other resident Yoshi, and supporting acts that included names such as Ben Korbel, Phil Reynolds and Nik Fish.

Over the past 7 years he has been resident DJ at the Burdekin bar in the heart of Sydney’s club capital Oxford Street, performing alongside artists such as the Potbelleez, Kid Kinobi, Alex Taylor, Jack McCord (Head Kandi Australia) and The Martini Club. Adding to this gigs such as the Sound Box Parties, Black Parties, Paul Strange Presents and Love Dove Productions and guest appearances at the Kings Cross Hotel, Slide, Favela, Le Panic, Shh Bar and Will & Toby’s and we are presented with an extensive repertoire of musical performances that act as a testament to The Grey Wolf’s ability to command an audience.

The style of house music that Adrian plays is unique, unmatched by his peers in the industry. He has carved his own niche by blending a forward moving up tempo infused style of House he calls Groovy, Grindy, and Gritty and labelling it 3G House. He employs a combination of chunky beats and bouncing baselines to deliver a fresh sound that is at the forefront of the progressive and tech house music scene, which shows great diversity as a DJ.

Just as the classics from immortals such as Beethoven and Mozart are composed, layering the music in such a way that they take listeners on a musical, and indeed, spiritual journey, Adrian’s sound does not sit still. He takes clubbers and party-goers on a musical voyage that they simply do not want to return from.

Adrian Lawrence AKA The Grey Wolf has recently been featured on B@M Radio! Bringing his unique blend of 3G Progressive Tech House to the masses via his internationally broadcasted radio show and is currently working on a number of mixes and productions to be released in 2012.
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